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In Nov 2022 Neev, The Kids zone was started to provide strong foundation to the kids in their overall wellbeing. This journey started when Jitendra Modi, who is the founder of this company had exposure to be with kids when he volunteered for emotional wellbeing of kids at an NGO in Gujarat, later on he did various programs with different NGOs with an aim to provide an environment for kids where they can build their emotional abilities which is so lacking in todays circumstances.


Neev, Professional Public speaking is designed based on our experience and social expermentation with Kids. Here, We always factor Kids emotional need when they learn any skill especially when it has a direct social exposure. Professional Public speaking , this is the first program amongst rest to follow with intentions to excel kids in their abilities when they are in group.


With our experience, We have understood that there is a need to have a strong emotional base such that the kids have power to have ease in socially connecting with each other.



Jitendra is a corporate trainer by profession and has delivered trainings to thousands of corporate individuals for professionals working in multinationals in India and multiple countries abroad, this includes professionals from Amazon, Accenture, Digital India, Paytm , TCS and many others.

He is affiliated with various renowned International Training Companies for his technical expertise in cloud computing, he currently also work as the Lead Expert Panel Memeber at Upgrad for Upgrad US Learners.

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We at Neev have coaches with special expertise in assessing kid’s fear quotient and how to blend it towards confidence.

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