We create an environment that is very near to the real stage performance like experience for kids as we have found it to be a great impact on kids confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

We at Neev, have special expertise in dealing with kids who are shy and sensitive, It is with the background that we have worked with so many different need kids that we have built the confidence in removing the social fear from shy kids.
However please do note that we do not treat any mental illness.

Yes, We do offer personalised coaching, that can be a more effective for kids, Do note that for public speaking your kid will also have access to doing performance in group in this kind of arrangement, however this has a different fee structure, please consult to Neev contacts to know more about this and fees details.

Yes we do offer course completion certificate together with Evaluation report, however please note that the child has to attend 90% of the sessions to be eligilble to get this certificate.

We do have internal competetions at the center every fortnightly as a part of the course, we are in course of getting affiliated with external groups and forums to formalize participations in various competetions.

We at Neev understand that, physical presence is of utmost importance to have a strong social connect, without this developing public speaking is like running without hands and legs, so any public speaking course at Neev always be with your child at the Neev center together without Tutor and fellow kid groups.

The answer is ‘The Lesser the Better’ , but the kid should have some foundational skills of language(English) without which it will be very difficult for kid to follow the program. Otherwise the best age is “Passion”, high the passsion higher will be the impact.

In public speaking we stress on the importance of speaking in group, our main attempt is to provide a platform for kids where he/she can experience having a social connect with group. We teach various public speaking subskills to the students that makes it easy to perform and connect with their fellow members. In essence majority part of this course is language independent.
This is something you will never find in any English speaking course.

There are home assignments given to students for practice, As per our experience and anlaysis it is observed that student practicing on daily basis may find noticeable difference in her effective public speaking ability.

Typically, It will be 90 minutes per session.

The basic building block for any skill remains same irrespective of age, Inspite of the curriculum outer structure being same, the execution will be different. The speech scripts and its delivery challenges will be having different levels and these 2 things are intrinsic part of the course.

The course is executed in English, There are certain parts of this course that involves learning some aspects of English language like learning phrases. Having said that, most of the subskills taught are language independent so your child will be able to demonstarte speaking ability in all known languages.

Our Approach

Let your kids shows signs of getting over the fear

Positive and Supportive Environment

We believe in creating a safe and supportive environment where children feel comfortable expressing themselves. Our coaches provide constructive feedback and encouragement to help children grow and build their confidence.

Interactive Learning

Learning public speaking should be fun! We incorporate interactive activities, group discussions, and games into our lessons to make the learning process enjoyable and engaging for kids.

Skills Development

Our programs focus not only on developing effective speaking skills but also on enhancing listening, critical thinking, and leadership abilities. We encourage students to think creatively, express their thoughts clearly, and respect different perspectives.

Practical Experience

We understand that practice makes perfect. That's why our programs offer ample opportunities for children to practice their speaking skills in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. From small presentations to larger-scale events, we ensure that each child gets the chance to apply what they've learned.

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We at Neev have coaches with special expertise in assessing kid’s fear quotient and how to blend it towards confidence.

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